Film Recommendations

Each week, we are going to suggest a few films that you might like to watch. We will tell you a bit about why we have chosen them. Some might be available on BBC iPlayer or on subscriptions such as Sky, Now TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

If you watch one, we want to know what you think- email us your film review at

Week commencing 18th May

This week’s films are all about DRAGONS!

Zog- bbc iPlayer

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Another fantastic Julia Donaldson short animation based on the fantastic book. Guess what? It rhymes! I’m very pleased that I don’t teach at Zog’s school- I’m not sure that I could handle a lot of dragons. I much prefer you lot!

How to train your dragon- Netflix/ Amazon Prime Video

How to Train Your Dragon Poster

Key stage 2 children, you will have read this (or at least some of it!) by the time you leave Maidenhall. Based on the fantastic books by Cressida Cowell, there are now more than one ‘how to train your dragon’ films out.

Pete’s dragon- disney+

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The classic animation from Disney was realised in 1977. Also available is the remake which was done on 2016. I can’t tell you much about either because I haven’t actually seen them! I know what I’m going to be watching at the weekend...

The Neverending story- Netflix

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This is one of my most teacher’s favourites. I wonder if your parents have ever seen it? If you watch it, you MUST email me at, I’d love to know what you thought of it!

There are many more films with dragons in them: Shrek, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Maleficent... let us know if you think of any that I have missed.

Bonus point if you learn all the words to the song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’!

Remember, if you watch any of these movies, let us know what you think either at or by emailing your class teacher!