Top 10 Tips

1. Support your child to follow a daily routine at home, including a bedtime routine with a story each evening.

2. Ensure all your child’s school uniform and personal belongings are named.

3. Help your child to recognise their name and challenge them to write some letters from their name.

4. Sing some counting songs and nursery rhymes with your child.

5. Encourage your child to help out around the house with tidying and cooking dinner.

6. Practise listening skills with your child by going on a walk and listing all the sounds you hear.

7. Encourage your child to dress themselves, including putting their own shoes and coat on.

8. Talk about all the exciting things your child is looking forward to doing when they come to school.

9. Support your child to try a variety of new healthy foods so they are ready to try school dinners.

10. Encourage your child to go to the toilet, flush and wash their hands by themselves.


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