Remote Learning (1.2)

In the uncertain times that we are currently living in, it is important that we are fully prepared for the possibility that we may have to have a partial closure of school depending on the local Covid-19 situation.

There will also be instances where individual children will be self-isolating due to coming into contact with a positive case of Covid 19 or whilst awaiting a result from a Covid test. There will also be children who must stay at home whilst quarantining after travelling aboard.

As a school we have made arrangements for remote education so that children can continue to learn whilst at home. Further information is available in our remote learning policy which can be found HERE.

If your child is isolating or quarantining at home, please click on the year group link below and support them to complete the work.

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We have provided each child with an exercise book and pencil for them to complete their work in. This MUST be brought into school when your child returns.

We will make regular calls home to check how your child is coping with the work.
If you need support, you can call the school office or communicate with the class teacher via Google Classroom. 

Bubble Closure

The main source of communication between the teacher and families when remote education is taking place, is via Google Classroom and the Weduc APP. Please ensure that you can access your child's Google account and let their teacher know if you are unable to access it. We have put together video guides to help you. Click HERE for videos on Weduc. Click HERE for videos on Google Classroom.